Welcome to the official website of the Department of Health,
Center for Health Development-Region III

With the advent of the fast-paced progression of information technology, We, in the CHD-Region 3 keep ourselves rationalized to the changing needs of our time for us to bring our services closer to our primary clienteles, the people of Central Luzon.

In this regard, this website shall serve as an avenue for the delivery of significant information to our local partners and stakeholders gearing towards more effective and more efficient healthcareservices provision, and so exercising transparency and accountability in our government service.
On that remark, I also hope that this would be a very good medium for us to be reached and to continuously extend our helping hands to the people we are serving, believing to and holding onto the axiom, “Service to the people and for the people!”.
Thank you for visiting our website! Mabuhay!

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